Education Law

Both the state of California and federal law provide specific guidelines for education.

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These guidelines provide that every Student is entitled to a free and appropriate public education (or a FAPE). This means different things for different children, but all school districts (and Charter Schools) are required to determine that appropriate level and provide services to each child to meet it.

Unfortunately, in today's economic climate, school districts are searching for ways to cut back on spending, and kids are being left out in terms of appropriate services. If you feel that your child is one of those kids not being served appropriately, our firm can help! With a review of educational records and a parent consultation, Economou Law Group can help your child get back on to the path to educational success.

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Individualized Education Programs

The IEP drives all special education services and placement. Do you feel that your child's IEP is not appropriate? Do you feel like they aren't receiving services, or are receiving too little service in their areas of need? The Economou Law Group can review your child's educational records to see if the services provided are appropriate, and if not can discuss with you the courses of action you can take under California and federal law.

Special Education Assessment

Is your child struggling in school? Do you feel that they need some extra assistance? Is the school district not helping, or refusing to assess your child? Did you school district do an assessment that you feel was not appropriate? The Economou Law Group has extensive experience reviewing special education assessments in all areas, and can advise you on the appropriateness of your child's assessment, or whether or not your child should be assessed for special education services.

Suspensions / Expulsions

Is your child being disciplined by the school district unfairly? Do they qualify for special education services, or do you feel that they should qualify but haven't? The Economou Law Group has extensive experience with disciplinary matters, both with special education students and general education students and can help advise you regarding your child's rights as well as represent your child in a disciplinary matter.